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Claims FAQ

We have wind damage, so what happens now?

We have hail damage, so what happens now?

Will my claim be covered?

Can I choose who will do repairs to my property?

How should I choose a contractor? Will Sugar Creek Mutual Insurance Company recommend one?

Will repairs be done properly and workmanship guaranteed?

Do I need to file a police report for property damage or loss due to theft?

When do I pay my deductible? To whom do I pay it?

My home was damaged by burglars. Is the damage covered?

My home was damaged by a flood. Is the damage covered by my Sugar Creek Mutual Insurance Company policy?

Because of the damage, my home isn’t safe to live in. What do I do?

What if I don’t have all the information about my loss right now? Should I wait to file a claim?

What do you need to show proof of ownership for stolen property?

My tree fell on my next-door neighbor’s roof. Does my insurance pay for the repairs, or does his?

Do I need to hire a public adjuster?

What else can I do if I have time before my first meeting with a Sugar Creek Mutual Insurance Company claims representative?

Should I start making repairs before you inspect the damage?

How can I monitor the status of my claim?

What if my contractor’s estimate is higher than Sugar Creek Mutual Insurance Company’s?

What if I don’t think Sugar Creek Mutual Insurance Company’s estimate is adequate?

I have replacement cost coverage. Why did you show depreciation on the estimate?

What if my contractor finds additional damage once repairs are underway?

How will Sugar Creek Mutual Insurance Company handle my personal property claim?

Why is my settlement check made payable to both me and my mortgage company? How do I get it endorsed so I can cash it to pay for repairs?